The Importance of Inclusions
in Your New Home

You Won’t Need To Budget For Extras Because We Have Over 100 Inclusions As Standard Concerned about hidden costs or moving into an unfinished home? At Keibuild Homes, we’re proud to offer our customers home designs that are bursting with inclusions so you won’t have to budget for extras after we hand you your keys….

Building a Home on a Split Level Block

Many builders turn away customers who have difficult blocks to work on. If your block of land has a steep slope, tight access or is an odd shape, they’ll likely tell you to find help elsewhere. This isn’t the case at Keibuild Homes. Our expert team has over 20 years’ experience working on all kinds…

9 Tips to Make Your New Home Eco-Friendly

Looking to make your new home eco-friendly and more cost-effective from month-to-month? Then check out our top 9 tips in our latest blog. Consider using MyPlace MyPlace is a smart home control system that helps manage your energy usage. From turning off lights to switching on air conditioning when you need it, you’ll save costs…