Benefits of Level Home Sites

While we consider ourselves to be experts when it comes to building homes on most block types, there are significant benefits to building your dream home on a level (or flat) site. 

Reduced Costs

Generally speaking, ‘slab-on-ground’ construction is a more cost-effective build method than pole home construction, or blockwork and stairs to achieve a split-level home on a sloping block. This is due to a decrease in the site works that are required on the site and the materials required to build such homes.

Flat Site Cut in Aspect Karalee

Greater Selection of New Home Designs

When it comes to choosing a home design, you will always have a bigger selection on flat blocks. Your biggest consideration will need to be the width and depth of the lot. Same goes with your façade. You can choose from all our design options, be it traditional, coastal or heritage, while pole homes may limit the materials that you can choose from.

Our Montana 269 With Traditional Façade

Get In Your New Home Sooner

Homes built “on-ground” are generally built much quicker than homes with a split, or those that are built on poles. With less time required for earthworks, landscaping and retaining, you’ll be in your new home sooner.

Landscaping & Maintenance

Landscaping and the dreaded weekly ‘mow’ is not as big of a chore when you choose a flat lot. Pulling weeds, maintaining retaining walls and steps on a sloped block not only requires more maintenance but can also become more costly over time.

Enjoy The Outdoors In Your New Keibuild Home

Want to kick a ball around with your kids? Have room for a trampoline? Or maybe a pool is in your future? Flat lots can provide you with a more functional outdoor living space so you can move-in and enjoy living outdoors in your new home.

Plenty of Yard Space On This Flat Block

Don’t Be Afraid Of A Small Slope

As part of our ‘Standard Inclusions’, we offer .5m ‘fall’ across the building envelope. In terms we can all understand, this means that if your block has a half-metre slope from either front-to-back or side-to-side, we will use the fill (or soil) that’s currently on your block to level it out. Many builders don’t offer this as standard and will offer more expensive solutions like extensive retaining or bringing in more fill. 

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Free, No Obligation Home Design Consultation

If you’re not sure where to start, our friendly team of home building experts can help. We’ll walk you through everything you should consider when building a new home, and how we believe you can avoid costly mistakes often made when planning a new home build.

During your free consultation, we’ll help you develop a clear vision of exactly what your new home will look like and what you’ll need to make it come to life. We’ll help you choose the best design for your block and budget, answer all of your questions and get you on your way to building your dream home with an accurate estimate of how long it will take and how much it will cost.

We’ll do all of this without charging you a cent. And you’re under no obligation to take up our services.

Here’s what you’ll discover during your free consultation:


How you can have luxurious, high-quality inclusions like Caesarstone benchtops without paying extra for them.


Expert tips and advice on how to make the most of any sloping or challenging blocks.


The latest design trends and features that add real value to your home and are perfect for family living.


The simple yet highly effective ways to avoid timeline blowouts and unnecessary, additional costs.


Exactly how soon you and your family can get the keys and start enjoying life in your stunning new home.