At Keibuild Homes, we’re committed to building quality homes, and offer a sound, six year structural guarantee in accordance with the terms of your contract.

Our guarantee applies to all new homes, and is a specific agreement between Keibuild Homes and the home owners named within the building contract. The guarantee commences once the home owner receives the Certificate of Occupancy and is not transferable to subsequent owners of the home.

Structural Failure and Our Responsibilities

Structural failure is defined as ‘Damage Category 3’ or higher (AS 2870). Within your six year warranty, Keibuild Homes will rectify the cost of structural failure for the following eligible items:

  • Structural timbers and/or steel framing in the wall or roof where structural failure is defined pursuant to the Building Code of Australia and all relevant Australian Standards including AS 1684.
  • Load bearing brickwork where structural failure is defined pursuant to the Building Code of Australia and all relevant Australian Standards including AS 4773.
  • Foundation systems, concrete and or strip footing pursuant to the Building Code of Australia and all relevant Australian Standards including AS 2870, Appendix B.

Further information about Australian Standards (AS) can be found at https://infostore.saiglobal.com/

The guarantee will protect your home for six years from Practical Completion, and does not include:
a) defects caused by neglect, or failure to maintain your home in accordance with your contract, and instructions/documentation provided at Settlement by Keibuild Homes.
b) minor cracking (as defined in AS2870 Appendix B) in inflexible internal junctions of the walls and the intersection of cornices of both the walls and ceilings, as well as surface cracks in slabs and concrete surfaces.
c) damage to floor coverings due to lack of maintenance.
c) defects caused by environmental factors and natural forces such as storms, rain, hail, floods, earthquakes, fire, wind, drought, fallen trees and alike.
d) defects caused by damage to the slab, plumbing and footing systems from issues such as poor surface drainage and damage caused by tree roots or plant growth.
e) defects caused by termite damage where the home has not been inspected 12 months post Practical Completion. It is your responsibility to ensure your home is treated every 12 months.
f) any renovations, additions or structural changes (including significant landscaping and installation of pools) after the completion of the building contract.
g) all non-structural damage such as scratches to benchtops, marks on carpets, floor coverings and alike.

How to report eligible defects?

To have an eligible defect remedied, you are required to outline your request in writing via email to info@keibuildhomes.com.au or via registered post to PO Box 16, Holland Park QLD 4121.

Upon receipt of your request, we will:

  1. Review your request and inspect your property to determine its eligibility inline with the guidelines above, your building contract and QBCC legislation.
  2. We will respond to you in writing with the outcome of the assessment.
  3. Where the defect is eligible and meets the guarantee requirements, we will commence works to rectify it at our cost within a reasonable timeframe. Where capable, we will repair the defect. Where we are not capable, we will replace the goods to the extent necessary to rectify the structural failure.

Where no structural failure has been determined or the defect is not eligible, then all rectification costs will be borne by the homeowner.

For more information on our 6 Year Build Guarantee, contact info@keibuildhomes.com.au