15 Month Maintenance Guarantee

When you build your new home with Keibuild Homes, we’re dedicated to ensuring that it’s built to last. That’s why, on top of our Build Guarantee, we also offer our clients a 15 Month Maintenance Guarantee. We know that some homes experience minor omissions that can occur when your new home settles, so we have an easy-to-follow process to ensure that your maintenance is managed as simply as possible.


Practical Completion is when the subject work is complete in accordance with the contract and the house is reasonably fit for occupation. The date your home reaches practical completion is the date your 15 month maintenance guarantee commences.

Two weeks prior to reaching Practical Completion, your Site Manager will arrange an independent inspection (via Handovers.com) so we can identify and correct any omissions prior to handover. You will be notified of the inspection date and have the opportunity to attend.


Any omissions that were raised during the inspection will be noted and provided to you in the form of a Certificate on Practical Completion along with the Practical Completion claim. We allow up to two weeks to rectify any minor omissions that were raised during the independent inspection.


Once we are in receipt of your final payment, we will schedule a time to conduct handover of your new home. Any omissions that were raised in stage two will be reviewed and approved by you. At Handover, your Site Manager will also run through the guidelines on how to best maintain your new home and provide you with supporting documentation.


Now that you’ve moved in, we recommend that you keep note of any maintenance issues that may occur. Some issues, such as minor cracks in the cornice, may occur due to your house settling. We will be in touch via email at the following stages; one month, six months and eleven months. We ask that you raise any maintenance issues at each stage via our online webform that we will send to you. All omissions must be raised at the 11 month check-in.


We will arrange an inspection during the 12th month to review all requests, usually two weeks after all requests have been received. Once inspected, our service team will provide you with a list of final approved omissions and will arrange for these items to be rectified. Should you have any further omissions that need to be rectified between months 12 and 15, you will need to contact Keibuild Homes via email to admin@keibuildhomes.com.au. These requests must be made before the end of the 15th month. Any issues that do not fall within your HIA contract will be discussed with our service team.